Regular maintenance is vital for a properly functioning septic system! Call for an appointment at 1-800-91SEPTIC.

Steve’s Septic Service, LLC’s main goal, is educating Humboldt County septic system owners about the importance of regular maintenance on their systems.  Regular maintenance is not only good for the environment, but owners can avoid failed leachlines saving them thousands of dollars in the long run.  Failed leachlines can cost up to $10,000 plus to replace a septic system, where regular maintenance can cost on the average of only 41 cents per day.

Tank Maintenance and Care

Frequency of Pumping

In new home installations, the tank should be pumped either before occupying the home or after 6-12 months of use as a precautionary measure to insure good bacteria activity and proper functioning. In new homes, sewage containing paint, varnish, stain and other construction-related products can reduce the initial levels of bacterial activity causing damage to the soil treatment system. If construction work is yet to be completed, the tank should be pumped before it is used for sewage.

Once a system is known to be operating properly, the worksheet on the “Guidelines” page can be used as a guideline for pumping frequency. Take into consideration both the calculated guideline results (in months) and the condition of the tank (amount of scum and sludge) at the last pumping. Homeowners should be present when the pumping is done or be sure to get this information from the pumping contractor.

ALL septic tanks MUST be periodically pumped (cleaned) to remove floating scum and sludge that accumulates. If either floating scum or sludge is allowed to enter the soil treatment system it will cause expensive and often irreparable damage. The pumping frequency depends on tank size, use, and operating condition.

The pumping frequency worksheet calculation for a typical household will usually suggest a pumping frequency of 18-30 months. If your final result is very different from this, recheck your responses and the math. If the result suggests very frequent pumping (less than every 12 months), the system may need to be upgraded and/or use habits changed. If the result suggests more than 36 months, the tank should either be pumped or checked for scum and sludge every 36 months.

The categories on the worksheet where you either lost months or didn’t gain credits offer ideas for positive changes. If you need help to interpret the results of the worksheet or if they seem strange, contact Steve’s Septic Service LLC for additional advice.